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  • The Japanese version name "Chaos Soldier" comes from its original manga and anime appearance in which a LIGHT and DARK monster were necessary sacrifices to perform the "Black Luster Ritual". The LIGHT and DARK souls created a gateway to chaos which "Gaia The Fierce Knight" charged through to become "Black Luster Soldier".
  • In some video games, this card has a DARK Attribute as opposed to the EARTH Attribute it has in the TCG.
  • In most video game texts, this card is stated to have power equivalent to that of the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", most likely due to the fact that its ATK, DEF and Level equal that of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
  • Interestingly, unlike "Dark Magician", which had counterparts in other series for being the signature card of a main protagonist, Yugi Muto, this card does not have any counterparts as there as yet to be a main protagonist after Yugi who uses a 3000 ATK monster as their secondary ace.

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