• This monster's name parallels the English localization that the Japanese names of the "Blackwing" monsters went through ("Black Feather" to "Blackwing", "Blackfeather" to "Black-Winged").
  • Although related, this card isn't a part of the "Blackwing" archetype, in neither the anime nor the OCG/TCG.
  • This monster resembles the Amphiptere, or Amphithere, a legless but winged dragon in European heraldry, due to its wings and the lack of legs.
  • In the anime, this monster's wings are mostly white and turn black every time it activates its effect or attacks.
  • In episode 136 Crow calls this card a "he", making it one of the four Signer Dragons to have a confirmed gender; in this case, male.
  • This card is considered a representative of Crow and Pearson, due to their determination to protect their beloved ones, going as far as sacrificing themselves, not unlike Yusei and his dragon
  • This card is the only Signer Dragon to have the same attribute (DARK) as another Signer Dragon ("Red Dragon Archfiend"). It should be noted that this card is introduced in the anime before "Life Stream Dragon" - the dragon that has the only unoccupied attribute (EARTH).

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