• This monster's Japanese name comes from the fact of how some people with obesity have bellies with three folds of fat (which indeed this monster has as well).
  • This card is the subject of a wordplay gag in its manga debut. When Yuma and Astral duel against Thunder Spark, Astral suggests using their own "Thunder" card against Spark, before urging Yuma to play this monster. This is a pun on this monster's Japanese name "三段腹ナイト"- phonetically "Sandanbara Naito" which contains "三段" (sandan, meaning three-stage). This is a homophone for "サンダー" (pronounced "Sanda," the name of the archetype which Thunder Spark uses). While the gag remains in the English version of the manga, the wordplay behind the pun is lost in translation.

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