• This card's limit of eight excavations may reference Yami Yugi's use of this card in the anime, where he drew exactly eight cards with this card's anime effect (although Téa Gardner stopped the Duel before he could discard the eighth card).
    • It may also reference how if all eight are successful, then the total damage will be 4000, or the maximum amount of LP that Duelists start with in the anime.
  • This card's damaging effect is worded as the resolution of a single effect, so by the game rules at the time of this card's release, a player could (and indeed was required to) continue to excavate cards and damage their opponent even after their LP had already become 0, directly referencing how in the anime, Yami Yugi continued to attack Weevil Underwood several times using this card even after Weevil had already lost the Duel.