• Clockwise from center: "Igknight Veteran", "Igknight Cavalier", "Igknight Templar", "Igknight Margrave", and "Igknight Paladin" appear in this card's artwork.
  • The events occurring in the card reflects the flavor text of "Cavalier" and "Veteran": "Cavalier" has a tendency to attack her own comrades very frequently (most likely due to their treatment of her), while "Veteran" (who acts like a bodyguard to Cavalier), is one of the few who is concerned about her recklessness and is the only one in the card's artwork that's attempting to quell her assault. "Paladin" seems to be 'blinded by love' in the artwork, referencing the fact that "Cavalier" is the only female member of the archetype, and implying that the male members would be attracted to "Cavalier".

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