• This is the only LV monster that cannot Summon its next Level through its own effect, as "Armed Dragon LV10" was not released at the same time as this card.
  • In the anime, this card's effect is illustrated as the "bio-saw" on its stomach rotating and forming energy circular saws before firing them at the opponent's Monsters. This is similar to the bio-grinder used by the Bakugan Alpha Hydranoid.
    • These two creatures are quite similar. For one, they are both dragonic. Both of them have evolved from weaker forms twice. They both have some sort of weapon on their stomachs which can rotate. They both have plates of spiked armor on different parts of their bodies, and they have weapons on the tips of their tails, which are also spiked. And as shown in their respective anime, they are gigantic. Coincidentally, "Armed Dragon LV5", this card, and "Armed Dragon LV10" have the color scheme of another Bakugan, Viper Helios.
    • In their respective anime, both "Armed Dragon LV7" and Viper Helios were outfitted with some type of weapon. Chazz Princeton equipped this card with "Armed Changer", while Bakugan character Spectra has outfitted Helios with various Bakugan Traps.

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