• "Matador" means "killer" in Spanish and Portuguese. It is also the name given to the traditional bull fighters.
    • This card's effect and Type (Warrior) seem to reflect that this monster is a "Matador". A "Matador" has to avoid being hit by the bull, who is usually a lot stronger than him, in order to kill it indirectly (with daggers). This monster battles stronger monsters without taking damage, and then kills them indirectly (with an effect). The reference is furthered by this monster's appearance to have red wings resembling the iconic "matador" red cape or drape.
  • This monster has a strikingly similar appearance to "Zoa".
  • Despite having 0 ATK, this card still has an attack animation in the "Tag Force" series. It can be seen by having its effect negated and ordering it to attack.

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