• The English card lore specifically refers to this monster as male. However, the artwork of this card depicts female physique, and this monster screamed in a feminine voice when destroyed in the anime. This card also appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists Of The Roses game for the Playstation 2, available in the "The Illusionary Gentlemen" Deck and the "BirdFace" Deck. Just like the card, its 3D image clearly depicts it as a female, as well as it having a female battle-cry when attacking, and a feminine cry of defeat when destroyed. Also, when this card successfully destroys a monster, its victory pose ends with it laughing in a feminine tone, similar to some other cards in the game (such as "Queen of Autumn Leaves", for example). It can also equip power up cards that are specifically for female monsters such as Cyber Shield, Malevolent Nuzzler and Electro-Whip.
    • The Japanese lore is gender-neutral, as is commonly done in Japanese.

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