• Despite being a dragon and therefore a reptile of sorts, this card has a navel, a trait possessed solely by placental mammals.
  • This card artwork was created by Chilean artist Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias, also known as Genzoman, making this one of the only cards whose artwork was not drawn by a Japanese artist.
    • Genzoman also did the coloring for "Noble Knight Artorigus" while the artwork was done by Joe Ng. Both cards were done in collaboration with UDON Entertainment.
  • This card is not to be confused with the card of the same name used by Solomon Muto in the 188th episode of the original anime. That "Ancient Dragon" has double the Level and ATK of this card, an entirely different effect, and is a DARK-attribute monster, whereas this card is a LIGHT-attribute monster.
    • The "Ancient Dragon" from the anime, however, does seem to be an aged version of this monster.

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