• Alector is the name of the father of Leitus, one of the acclaimed Argonauts. Homer, however, called him "Alectryon" in the story.
  • Alector ("Aλέκτωρ") in Ancient Greek means rooster, referencing this card's birdlike appearance.
  • This could also be a reference to Alecto from Greek Mythology. Since Alecto's duty was to punish sinners, this card's effect to negate others and to Special Summon itself could be a reference to her abilities, along with its bird-like appearance.
  • This card shares an odd distinction with "Elemental HERO Absolute Zero" and "Kachi Kochi Dragon": They are all promo cards for manga volumes in which they do not appear.
    • Of the three, this card is unique in that it not only does not show up in the volume it was a promo for, but it does not show up in its respective manga series at all.

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