• This card can be useful when your opponent activates "Mirror Force". That way, your attack position monsters will be switched to defense position, avoiding the effect of "Mirror Force".
  • This card can also work great with "Tragedy". When your opponent's face-up monsters switch from attack to defense, every defense position monster on your opponent's side of the field will be destroyed.
  • This is a great counter to "Cloudian" Decks.
  • If your opponent is on the defense, Special Summon a powerful monster in Defense Position, then activate this card and attack.
  • You can use this card to defend your stronger monsters from an annoying "Hammer Shot", "Shield Crush" or any other Spell, Trap or Monster effects that destroy monsters based on their battle position.
  • Use this card in a "Morphtronic" Deck to change their effects to adjust to the situation.
  • This card works well with the "Ancient Gear" cards, specifically "Ancient Gear Soldier", "Ancient Gear Engineer" and "Ancient Gear Golem" because their ATK and DEF are the same, and it also works well with "Ancient Gear Golem's" Piercing Effect if you Summon it in Defense Position and then activate this card.
  • Use this card to counter "Number 54: Lion Heart" whenever it's attacking, as it will most likely use its damage reflection ability to damage you instead. That way it'll shift "Lion Heart" into Defense Position, not only stopping its attack, but leaving it vulnerable during your turn, as ALL it's abilities only work while in Attack Position, including its immunity to destruction. Unless the opponent has a "Number Wall" active, you can effortlessly take out "Lion Heart" on your turn.
  • Use this card to simply prevent your opponent from attacking during their turn. If all the monsters your opponent controls are in Attack Position, this card can switch them to Defense Position, thereby preventing them from attacking during that turn, giving you a chance to counterattack safely.

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