• You can even combo this card with "Wind-Up Factory". First, activate Wind-Up monster's effect; second, add 1 Level 4 or lower Wind-Up monster from your Deck to your hand; and third, activate this card to switch out "Wind-Up" monster you control with the "Wind-up" monster you added from your Deck.
  • This card combos well with "Wind-Up Juggler". First, have a "Wind-Up Juggler" in your hand and a Level 4 "Wind-Up" monster on the field (preferably with its effect used). Wait until your opponent attacks that monster (or earlier if you prefer), and use "Zenmairch" to switch the "Wind-Up Juggler" with the "Wind-Up" on the field. This will leave you opponent with the option of attacking and losing their monster, or not attacking, and giving you the chance to recover. Note: This strategy causes a Replay.
  • You can use the effect of this card to recycle the effect of "Wind-Up" monsters by selecting a "Wind-Up" and Special Summon himself. (Very effective with "Wind-Up Magician" or "Wind-Up Rat")

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