• Use this card to Special Summon "Wind-Up Rat" and "Wind-Up Magician" since they both have 600 ATK; this will allow the player to Summon any "Wind-Up" monster from their Graveyard, along with a "Wind-Up" monster from their Deck, for massive field advantage.
  • Use the effect of "Wind-Up Warrior" or "Wind-Up Dog" to make them have over 1500 ATK.
    • Summoning "Wind-Up Warrior" or "Wind-Up Dog" can allow the player to Summon a Rank 5 Xyz monster.
  • Use this card's effect, Tributing "Wind-Up Dog" or while it is in the Graveyard. Summon "Wind-Up Rat"/"Wind-Up Magician" from the hand, and the other from the Deck. Use "Rat" to Summon the dead "Dog", and then Xyz Summon "Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity". Since "Rat" used its effect, Special Summon any "Wind-Up" from the Deck that can change to Level 5. Use "Zenmaighty" to Summon a second "Magician", then use the monster that was Summoned with the first "Magician" to change its Level to 5. The effect of the second "Magician" activates, allowing its controller to Summon another monster that can change its Level to 5. Overlay the 2 Level 5s and the 2 copies of "Magician". This combo gives 1 "Zenmaighty", 1 Rank 4 Xyz, and 1 Rank 5 Xyz.

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