• Combine this card "ZW - Lightning Blade" to make "Number 39: Utopia" virtually invincible as "ZW -" cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects and "Number 39: Utopia" cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects such as "Chaos Sorcerer" or "Dimensional Prison". The only way to get rid of "Utopia" is through using a mass destruction card effect such as "Dark Hole" or "Torrential Tribute". Even so, you can destroy "Lightning Blade" in place of "Utopia". Also, it is highly unlikely your opponent can run over a "Utopia" with 5000 ATK, but even so, you can destroy "Tornado Bringer" or use "Utopia" to negate the battle. (unless you are using "Utopia Ray".)
  • Remember that any monster equipped with this card gains the immunity effect that this card offers. That means other monsters with effects that allow this card to be equipped like "Cyberdark Dragon" and "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" will benefit from this card as well.

Traditional Format

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