• By equipping this card to a "Utopia" monster you control and having at least "ZW - Lightning Blade" equipped to it as well, this card's effect will have a higher chance of kicking in, because "Lightning Blade" will protect it from being destroyed directly, forcing them to either use local destruction effects or get over a monster with 4700 ATK, while protecting "Sleipnir Mail" from little things like "Dust Tornado" and "Mystical Space Typhoon" as a bonus too.
    • Using "ZW - Tornado Bringer" instead will make non-destroying cards like "Dimensional Prison" useless, making it more likely that it will be taken out by "Torrential Tribute" or "Mirror Force", triggering this, as attacking a monster with over 4700 ATK probably won't happen.
      • Using both is not the best idea if being able to use this card's secondary effect is a goal, at least not for a while. It may work well as a back-up plan in a Duel that has been dragged out.

Traditional Format

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