• Use this card in a Deck that uses the "Ancient Gear Castle"/"Geartown", "Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon" and "Scrap Dragon" combo.
    • In a "Scrap" Deck, the Synchro Monsters can be used to destroy this Set card, and retrieve "Scrap Lube" or "Scrap Factory".
    • Similarly, this can be used with "Geartown" and "Magical Hats" to keep your "Ancient Gear" monsters on the field.
      • Exercise care when using this card with "Magical Hats". This card will only gain its effects when destroyed by the effect of "Magical Hats" (or card effects that destroy face-down monsters like "The Six Samurai - Irou"), but not when destroyed by battle.
        • When it is attacked, it will be flipped face-up, and then will not gain its effect. In order to use this card with "Magical Hats", your opponent must have attacked with all their monsters, and there must be at least one monster still on your field.
  • "Double Cyclone" or any card with a cost of destroying or sending your own Spell or Traps to the Graveyard synergize excellently with this card, "Double Cyclone" in particular also lets yourself destroy one of your opponents Spell/Trap Cards.
  • This card also can be useful if played with "Necroface". After using this card's first effect, the effect of "Necroface" can be used to return the banished card to your Deck. Then another "Z-ONE" can be used to re-banish that card and once more gain its effect. It can be useful if played with Limited cards like "Dark Armed Dragon".
  • Use this card in a "Triamid" Deck to recycle the archetype's Field Spell Cards.

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