• Most useful with "Number 39: Utopia", since if you Special Summon it from the Graveyard by other means, it'll destroy itself when selected as an attack target. So, when the replay occurs, activate this card to defend yourself.
  • Use this card to Special Summon "Constellar Pleiades" during your opponent's turn, so you can easily Summon a 2500 ATK wall to ruin one of their strategies.
    • Additionally, this will let you draw a card with "Constellar Star Chart" during your opponent's turn, evading its "once per turn" drawback.
    • Then, during your turn, you can Xyz Summon "Constellar Ptolemy M7" from your Extra Deck to draw one more card from the effect of "Constellar Star Chart".
  • The strongest Xyz Monster that can be Summoned with this card is "Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer", who can then detach this card to destroy all the opponent's Spells/Traps.
    • "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", is the second strongest monster that can be revived with this card immense 4500 ATK and the ability to gain more ATK and able to attack more than once, at the cost of only 1 Xyz Material, which this card will provide.
  • Activate this card in response to a Special Summon effect for a Level 5 or higher monster. Your opponent will waste that Special Summon card or effect if you use "Xyz Reborn" on "Evilswarm Ophion".
  • "Paleozoic Anomalocaris" and "Paleozoic Opabinia" are dependent on having Trap Cards attached to them as Xyz Material in order to use their third effects, thus Special Summoning them from the Graveyard with this card's effect is especially beneficial to them.

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