• Any of the components of this card can be added to your hand using "Jade Knight", "Witch of the Black Forest" or "Sangan" ("Y-Dragon Head" and "Z-Metal Tank" for "Sangan", and "X-Head Cannon" and "Z-Metal Tank" for "Witch of the Black Forest"), but "Soul Rope" can summon any of these monsters from your Deck to the field, albeit for a cost.
  • With "Double Summon", gathering the Fusion Material monsters will be much faster, saving yourself a costly turn.
  • If this card was destroyed and winds up in your Graveyard, it can be a pain to re-Summon. One easy way to do so is to use the effect of "Herald of Creation". Since "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" is a Fusion Monster, it will wind up in your Extra Deck when the effect of "Herald of Creation" is used. Then use "Return from the Different Dimension" to bring back the Fusion Materials of this card and fuse them to bring back "XYZ-Dragon Cannon". Alternatively, use "Pot of Avarice" on it. This way it lessens the Deck thickening. A few searchers could also be returned (that will no doubt have been used to search out the pieces for "XYZ") to bring out a whole new set of Fusion Materials.
  • This card can combo with "Dark Armed Dragon". When a DARK monster is discarded for this effect, it can then be banished for the effect of "Dark Armed Dragon", destroying 2 cards for the price of one.
  • Use "Forced Requisition" to destroy 2 cards (one in your opponent's hand and one on the field) for each card that was discard.
    • Combine the top two combos to destroy 3 cards for the price of one.
  • While "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" is under your control, activate the effect of "Thunder Dragon" to add 2 "Thunder Dragons" to your hand. So, 2 cards can be discarded for the effect of "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" instead of 1.
  • If all three Fusion Materials are in your hand at once, "Frontline Base" and "Ancient Fairy Dragon" can be used to Summon all three in one turn.
  • If there is a "X", "Y" and "Z" in the Graveyard, "Machine Duplication" can be used on "Geargiano" to Summon 2 more for a total of 3, and Tribute all 3 to Summon "XYZ-Dragon Cannon".

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