• A good strategy would be to destroy a monster by battle with "Fulhelmknight" and then select another "Fulhelmknight" to Special Summon. Then, attack and destroy another monster of your opponents with the newly Summoned monster, allowing you to Special Summon another "Fulhelmknight" or a "XX-Saber Ragigura" to add "XX-Saber Faultroll" to your hand with its effect, followed by Summoning the "Faultroll" and using his effect to Special Summon another monster. That's 3-4 monsters with 1 card.
  • This card combos well with "At One With the Sword".
    • Summon "Fulhelmknight", then activate "At One With the Sword" to give it an ATK boost and make sure it gets its second effect.
    • Summon "Fulhelmknight" and get its second effect to activate, then Special Summon a strong monster like "XX-Saber Boggart Knight", then activate "At One With the Sword". "Boggart Knight" will get an insane ATK boost to 2700 and let you draw a card every time it destroys something. For insurance you still have the single attack negation of "Fulhelmknight" and if things get really bad you can tuned out into a different monster like "XX-Saber Gottoms".
  • This card's attack negation can be reused multiple times by summoning it back from the Graveyard with "XX-Saber Faultroll" or "Gottoms' Emergency Call".
  • This card's effect works extremely well against a "Mecha Phantom Beast" Deck, since they will almost always have Tokens out with 0 DEF.
    • Similarly, it can be used very effectively against Tokens produced by "Dandylion" or "Scapegoat" for the same reason.

Traditional Format

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