• This card makes a great first turn monster as it allows you to send "Worm Yagan" to the Graveyard, to use its effect to be Special Summoned in face-Down Defense Position which sets up an offense and a defense for the turn up ahead or can be used as tribute fodder for cards like "Offering to the Snake Deity" to destroy 2 of your opponents cards and keep 1 "Worm" monster for other cards later on.
  • If you have the cards needed to Fusion Summon "Worm Zero" and have no good card to revive in face-down Defense Position, Normal Summon "Worm Xex", use its effect to send any "Worm" monster to the Graveyard and then Fusion Summon "Worm Zero" to revive the monster you just sent to the Graveyard by using the effect of "Worm Xex".
  • In addition to sending "Worm Yagan" to the Graveyard, you can also send "Worm Victory". Then you can revive "Worm Victory" with "The Shallow Grave".

Traditional Format

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