• This card isn't dependent on any of the rest of the "Worms", and potentially works very well as a splashable card in your deck or Side Deck. Card effects that let a monster perform a double attack or negate a monster's effect upon destruction are both very powerful and highly desirable, so seeing them both at once in one card is especially rare. This card is especially good against any kind of swarming-based deck or an opponent who would use card effects that activate in the Graveyard or Flip Effects that devastate the field, like "Morphing Jar #2".
  • Use "Worm Ugly" to Tribute Summon this card and you'll have one more attack target with just 100 ATK. You can Summon "Worm Ugly" easily with "One for One".
  • Ram this card into a high ATK monster and activate "Honest". "Worm Warlord" will destroy the monster and be able to attack again (possibly directly) with a heightened ATK.

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