• Use "Waboku" during your opponent's turn so this card is turned face-up but not destroyed by battle, allowing you to draw an extra card at the end of that turn and maintaining field presence. Once that's done, protect this card with something like "Mist Body" or "Heart of Clear Water" and you'll be able to draw massive amounts of cards, ideal for an "Exodia" deck or just to maintain hand advantage.
  • This card can work wonders when combined with W Nebula Meteorite. During the End Phase, use this card's effect first drawing 1 card, then draw another due to Meteorite. With three copies of Worm Linx you can draw up to 6 cards.
  • Use D2 Shield to permanently keep its DEF high. Alternatively you can use Castle Walls or The Reliable Guardian, however their effects are only really useful during the battle phase of your opponents turn, and their DEF increase only lasts until the end phase.

Traditional Format

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