• You can use "Toon Table of Contents" with this monster, simply just set "Toon Table of Contents" on the field and then activate it and add 1 more from the deck to the hand then set the other one, and so on.
  • While "Worm Illidan" is on your field, set "The Shallow Grave" face-down for 1 Worm Counter, then activate it to get another counter and destroy your opponent's monster
  • This card will work really well in a deck using monsters with effects that Flips itself face-down. For example, you could have this card out with "Stealth Bird" and "Des Lacooda", letting you destroy 1 card with "Worm Illidan", draw a card, and deal 1000 burn damage on each of your turns.

Traditional Format

  • This card can also be used with "Giant Trunade". Set as many cards as possible, including "Giant Trunade", then activate it. After the effect resolves, set your cards again. This can result in destroying multiple cards easily, and more than likely clearing your opponent's field.

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