• Combine this card with "Worm Falco" and either "Worm Cartaros", "Worm Apocalypse" or both. Flip Summon "Cartaros"/"Apocalypse"/both, then get a search/destroy a Spell or Trap card/both. Flip Summon "Falco", then Flip Falco and flip all Worms face-down, except "Falco". Flip Summon "Erokin", and Flip "Falco" face-down. Now you can repeat the process the next turn. With appropriate protection, it could be a consistent search or backrow-clearing engine (or both).
    • This is specially useful when "Starlight Road" are available as means of preventing your opponent from messing your plans.
  • You can use card's effect to power up "Worm Gulse".

Traditional Format

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