• This card is the best target for mass-Setting cards like "Worm Falco" and "W Nebula Meteor". You can gain massive advantage by activating "Meteor" on your turn while this card is Set. You'll get a card when it flips face-up, another when it flips face-down, a high-Level Worm from your Deck, and possibly another monster when "Cartaros" is flipped by an attack.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Worm Apocalypseワーム・アポカリプスEffect MonsterLIGHT1300200
Worm Barsesワーム・バルサスEffect MonsterLIGHT314001500
Worm Cartarosワーム・カルタロスEffect MonsterLIGHT41200500
Worm Dimiklesワーム・ディミクレスEffect MonsterLIGHT417001400
Worm DrakeワームドレイクNormal MonsterEARTH414001500
Worm Falcoワーム・ファルコEffect MonsterLIGHT2500800
Worm Gulseワーム・グルスEffect MonsterLIGHT41500300
Worm Hopeワーム・ホープEffect MonsterLIGHT18001500
Worm Jetelikpseワーム・ジェートリクプスEffect MonsterLIGHT312000
Worm Linxワーム・リンクスEffect MonsterLIGHT23001000
... further results

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