• Activate this card when one or two of your monsters are targeted by a card effect, so that those targets will no longer be on the field when that effect resolves.
  • Activate this card during your Battle Phase, after attacking, so that the newly Xyz Summoned monster will be able to attack.
  • This card can be helpful when one uses "Gagaga Mancer" but doesn't intend on summoning a "Gagaga" Xyz Monster. Since "Mancer's" ability only permits summoning other "Gagaga" monsters during the turn her effect is activated, this can be used to override that by Xyz Summoning during your opponent's turn, allowing you to Xyz Summon any Xyz Monster you choose while keeping the low powered "Gagaga" monsters out of harms way.
  • Xyz Summon "Outer Entity Azzathoth" with this card when you control a "Outer Entity Nyarla". It is more effective if you do this during your opponent's Draw Phase, so that your opponent will be locked out of activating Monster Effects during their own turn.