Traditional Format

  • Use this card to search out powerful "boss monsters" that have low DEF, but high ATK.
  • Fuse this monster with "Sangan" while they are both on the field to make "Sanwitch". 2 monsters will be chosen, 1 with less than 1500 ATK and 1 with less than 1500 DEF, to add to your hand.
    • Alternatively, you can use them to summon "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon". Your hand will be given two new Monsters, and it will destroy your opponent's Special Summoned Monsters when it is wiped out. Its ability to essentially transform into one of the opponent's Monsters is also a plus.
  • Activating this effect is very easy, because this card only needs to be send from the field to the Graveyard in order to activate its effect (e.g. it doesn't have to be destroyed), but pay attention: if this card does not go to the Graveyard (ie. banished, discarded from your hand, Deck, etc.), this effect doesn't activated.
  • This card can help fulfill the requirements for "Dark Renewal". By using it as the needed Spellcaster for "Dark Renewal", "Witch" and an opposing monster can be send to the Graveyard to Summon a more powerful DARK Spellcaster, which will also trigger the effect of "Witch", allowing yourself to search out another monster.
  • A +1 advantage can be gained with this card and "Wonder Wand". Simply send this card equipped with "Wonder Wand" to the Graveyard via the effect of "Wonder Wand" to not only draw two cards, but search out a monster.


 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
The 13th Grave13人目の埋葬者Normal MonsterZombieDARK31200900
3-Hump LacoodaみつこぶラクーダEffect MonsterBeastEARTH35001500
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom死の4つ星てんとう虫Effect MonsterInsectWIND38001200
7 Colored Fishレインボー・フィッシュNormal MonsterFishWATER41800800
8-Claws Scorpion八つ手サソリEffect MonsterInsectDARK2300200
A-Assault CoreA-アサルト・コアEffect MonsterMachineLIGHT41900200
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unitトラップ処理班 AチームEffect MonsterMachineFIRE2300400
A/D ChangerADチェンジャーEffect MonsterWarriorLIGHT1100100
Abaki暴鬼Effect MonsterFiendFIRE417001000
Abare Ushioni暴れ牛鬼Effect MonsterBeast-WarriorEARTH412001200
... further results

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