• This card increases its own attack by 500.
  • If you can, have 3 copies of this card on the field to increase the ATK all DARK monsters by 1500 points.
  • This card is ideal to use in a "Dark Scorpion", "Infernity" or a "Dark Counterpart" Deck and good against "Lightsworn" and any LIGHT decks.
  • Use this card alongside "Junk Synchron" and "Inferno Reckless Summon". Summon "Junk Synchron", use it to Special Summon this card from the Graveyard, then use "Inferno Reckless summon" to Special Summon two more from the deck. Tune "Junk Synchron" and one copy of this card into "Junk Warrior". That "Junk Warrior" will gain 3100 for the attack of the two "Apprentices", plus the 1000 boost the two give him, for a grand total of 6400 ATK.

Traditional Format

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