• This card can be used for a one turn "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon". Special Summon this card using it's own effect, and then Special Summon "Windwitch - Glass Bell". Use the effect of "Glass Bell" to add "Windwitch - Snow Bell" to your hand, and then Special Summon it with it's own effect. Using "Glass Bell" and "Ice Bell", Synchro into any Level 7 Wind Synchro Monster, and then Synchro Summon "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" using your Synchro Monster and "Snow Bell" (which as a bonus is now immune to effect destruction).

Traditional Format


 Primary typeTypeLevelATKDEF
Alligator's Sword DragonFusion MonsterDragon517001500
Chevalier de FleurSynchro MonsterWarrior827002300
Chimera the Flying Mythical BeastFusion MonsterBeast621001800
Clear Wing Fast DragonSynchro Monster
Pendulum Monster
Clear Wing Synchro DragonSynchro MonsterDragon725002000
CloudcastleSynchro MonsterMachine903000
Cosmic Blazar DragonSynchro MonsterDragon1240004000
Crystal Wing Synchro DragonSynchro MonsterDragon830002500
D/D/D Gust High King AlexanderSynchro MonsterFiend1030002500
D/D/D Gust King AlexanderSynchro MonsterFiend725002000
... further results

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