• Be warned that if an Xyz Material is detached from this card, but your opponent controls no cards by the time it's the End Phase of that turn, you will have to destroy a card you control.
  • Combo with "Limiter Removal", as this card can detach an Xyz Material from itself instead of being destroyed, and thus keep its doubled ATK.
  • Combo with "Scrap Dragon" to destroy up to 2 cards your opponent controls per turn.
  • In some situations, considering attacking a stronger monster with this card to trigger its End Phase destruction effect, in order to eliminate a specific card your opponent controls.
    • If you do this offensively, to remove a potential Beatstick and save yourself some life points, be sure to watch out for cards that could either resurrect your target (Call of the Haunted would be an excellent, devastating example) or attack your "Zenmaines" next turn, resulting in a significant net loss of life points across only two turns.
    • If you're considering this strategy, you should strongly consider having a "Spirit Barrier" in your deck; "Spirit Barrier" will ensure that you take no battle damage, while "Zenmaines'" effect guarantees that it will survive the attack for that turn and keep "Spirit Barrier's" effect active. Otherwise, "Zenmaines'" low attack could result in you taking serious damage.
  • Works well with "Marauding Captain" and "Peten the Dark Clown" in your hand. When you use its effect, send Peten to the graveyard and you can special summon another one from your deck.

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