• While you have "Wind-Up Magician" out, ram this card into a stronger monster to Special Summon "Wind-Up Warrior", "Wind-Up Soldier" or "Wind-Up Dog". Use the effect of "Magician" to Special Summon another "Magician". Use the effect of "Warrior"/"Soldier"/"Dog" on itself, and use the effect of the new "Magician" to Summon another "Warrior"/"Soldier"/"Dog". Use its effect, then Xyz Summon a Rank 4 Xyz Monster and a Rank 5 Xyz Monster.
    • You can also use any Level 4 Wind-Up and "Wind-Up Rat" rather than a 2nd "Magician" and the Level-boosters. This will allow for an extended loop by overlaying the two Level 4 monsters for "Wind-Up Zenmaister", reviving a "Magician" with "Rat", and using the effect of "Zenmaister" to flip itself face-down. This will trigger "Magician". Use its effect to Summon any Level 3 Wind-Up. Overlay "Rat" and the Summoned monster for "Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity". Use it to Summon a Level 4 monster and Xyz Summon with the spare "Magician". (Note that this requires you to start with a "Magician" in the Graveyard.)

Traditional Format