• Combo one or two "Wild Tornados" with "Trident Dragion" destroying two of your set "Wild Tornado" and letting you also clear out two face up cards on the field, possibly resulting in an OTK
  • This card combos especially well with "Double Cyclone" to take out your opponent's cards.
  • This card works well with "Geartown" because if you use "Heavy Storm" to destroy both this card and "Geartown", you get to activate both of their effects.
  • This card works very well against the effect of "Judgment Dragon" to destroy him by his own effect.
  • If you have "Decoy Dragon" on the field and a Level 7 or higher Dragon monster in your hand and also a "Raigeki Break" face down, then you can activate it discard your Dragon as the cost for "Raigeki Break" then target your face down "Wild Tornado" and destroy any card on the field. You now have "fuel" for "Decoy Dragon's" effect and you destroyed one card on the field.
  • Don't use this with "Magical Hats", as it must be set when destroyed to gain its effect. this card will be flipped face up during the damage step if it is destroyed by battle.
    • It still triggers if it is destroyed by the effect of "Magical Hats", or another card effect while set by "Magical Hats".
  • This card's first effect cannot target field spells, even if they are face up. The field spell zone is not considered part of the Spell/Trap Zone.
  • This card combos well with the effect of "Gigantes" to destroy spells and traps, since it activates in substep 6. Bujins cannot negate it by that point, and a card like "Evilswarm Thunderbird" cannot dodge out of it.