• This card can also be used effectively in a Gladiator Beast deck; after you boost the monster's ATK, you can either swap it out or Contact Fuse.
  • Use with "Beast Soul Swap" to avoid your monster's destruction by the drawback of this card's effect.
  • Combine this card with "Master of Oz" and "Strike Slash" to get a 8600 attacker that can go through defenses if it is safe to attack. Then, during your next turn, when "Master of Oz" is destroyed, activate "Re-Fusion" and bring it back to life to protect your Life Points. You can also use "De-Fusion" in place of "Re-Fusion" before it gets destroyed.
  • Since this card can target any Beast or Beast-Warrior on the field, it can be useful when used on your opponent's monsters (such as "Beast King Barbaros", most "Gladiator Beast" monsters, and so on); it will get them stronger, but simply ending the turn will destroy them.
  • Since this card doesn't boost your monster's ATK by its original DEF value, it's obviously smart to increase its DEF as much as you possibly can before activating Wild Nature's Release to get the most out of your monster.
  • Use with low-level, high defense monsters such as "Bunilla" for a powerful attacker for one turn, and you won't lose Life Points like you would with "Shield & Sword".
  • Use with "DNA Surgery" to use its effect on any monster.

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