• To get the most out of this card's effect, use it on a Monster that inflicts piercing battle damage or can attack multiple times.
  • In a "Blue-Eyes" Deck, this card can be fatal. While you control a "Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" equipped with this card, use "Give and Take" to Special Summon a "Spear Dragon" or another Dragon with 0 DEF to your opponent's field in Defense Position. Then attack it with "Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" for 8000 battle damage.
  • In HERO Decks, this card can be used on "Evil HERO Dark Gaia" to force an opponent's monster into Attack Position. Without any Spells or Traps to rely on, your opponent's options will be very limited.
  • This card is very effective on "Chimeratech Overdragon". Since this card punishes your opponent's use of Spells and Traps, "Overdragon's" Nuke effect is offset by it. In addition, that monster can attack monsters multiple times, which can easily cause OTKs.
  • "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" are good targets for this card. This card's second effect allows it to offset the opponent's "Zombie World", "Skill Drain", and similar Continuous Spells and Traps, since they offset said monsters' ATK boost. Since this card also disables and destroys your opponent's Set Spell and Traps cards, you also will not have to fear cards like "Negate Attack" or the Mirror Traps.
  • This card also works well with "Volcanic Doomfire". When it destroys another monster by battle, the opponent's entire field will be cleansed, making it safe for your other Monsters to attack.
  • Use "Prime Material Dragon" or "Rainbow Life" to gain 3000 LP when this card leaves the field.
    • Alternatively, if you can't redirect the damage or gain LP equal to the damage, you can Set the card and you won't lose any LP when it leaves the field.