• This card can be extremely useful in a "Wight"-based Deck. For example, "King of the Skull Servants", "Skull Servant" and "Wightmare" are all Level 1 monsters. Any one of them on the field can allow you to search out "King" to summon later or "Wightmare" for its effect.
    • Combine this card and the "Baby Tiragon" tip below for some real chaos in a "Wight"-based Deck. Use "Pain Painter" to change 2 of your monsters to Level 2. Then use "Level Tuning" or "Mischief of the Yokai" to reduce their Levels to 1. Use this card for a "King" and follow by Summoning that "King" and "Baby". Now "Baby" can detach a monster (possibly a "Wight") and target "King" to permanently (while it remains face-up) be able to Attack Directly. And this is excellent as a late game finisher due to you probably having multiple "Wights" in the graveyard by then.
  • A cool little combo can be pulled off if you are summoning "Baby Tiragon". Use this card for a material or for a target after the monster is summoned.
  • "Light of Intervention" can allow you to Normal Summon the monster in face-up Defense in order to prevent your opponent from just destroying it and dealing damage to you. This can be useful for Level 1 monsters that you need destroyed on the field or ones that you just need in the Graveyard.
  • Search "Watapon" for a free Special Summon.
  • Use this card to add pieces of "Exodia" directly to your hand. The damage can be used to your advantage when combined with "Hope for Escape", a commonly used card in some Exodia builds.
  • Use this card in a "Meklord" Deck to search for "Meklord Emperors" to make sure you can keep a field advantage even if the "Meklord Emperor" you currently control are destroyed. This works especially well if you need a particular "Meklord Emperor" later on.
  • Be careful, as a Flip/Special Summon of the added monster will not let you avoid damage during the End Phase, essentially making it a de-facto cost for activation unless you achieve an OTK in the turn you activated it.