• You can use "Demotion" to lower a monster's Level to 3, then use this.
  • This card can possibly nip a Synchro Summon in the bud seeing as how a great deal of Tuner monsters are Level 3, notably "Junk Synchron".
  • Use "Creature Swap" or "Mystic Box" with a weak Level 3 monster then use this card and get rid of an opponent's strong monster as well. This works particularly well with "Sangan".
  • Use this with one or more "Warm Worm" to devastate your opponent's Deck.
  • Use this right before your opponent summons a Rank 3 Xyz Monster.
  • You can use this card to destroy your own "Jinzo - Returner" (along with any of your opponent's Level 3 monsters, if they has any) to use its effect and summon "Jinzo" from your Graveyard. You can even do this in the middle of a Battle Phase after "Jinzo - Returner" attacks directly using its effect.

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