• Use this card with "Robbin' Goblin" to discard a second card from your opponent's hand.
  • "Wattcube" is a good way to boost this card's relatively small ATK.
  • If you have "Wattcine" on the field, you can use "Red Screen" to protect this card and your other "Watt" monsters. "Wattcine" will cover "Red Screen'"s cost and give you an extra 400 Life Points.
  • Play "Messenger of Peace" to ensure that no monster can overpower "Wattchimera", except for monsters with 1450 and 1400 ATK.
  • If your opponent is stuck with an unusable card in his hand, and no resources to stop you, this card can provide something similar to the infamous "Yata-Garasu Lockdown"

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