• A fast way to Synchro Summon this card is to Normal Summon "Trident Warrior", who can then Special Summon "Vylon Cube". The effect of "Cube" will search out the first Equip Spell Card.
    • Or you can just Special Summon "Photon Thrasher" and Normal Summon "Vylon Cube" if you don't have "Trident Warrior" in your hand.
    • Using "Honest" when "Sigma" battles a monster with its first attack will allow for massive damage when it goes in for its second attack.
      • Use this card's effect to equip it with "Armed Changer" from the Deck so that you may recycle "Honest".
        • Have "Vylon Component" equipped to Sigma to inflict large amounts of Piercing Damage while fighting defensive monsters. This is a must against cards like "Marshmallon" that won't be destroyed by battle.
          • On it's first attack, equip this card with "Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce" from the Deck. You won't have to discard to activate it (thought you will lose ATK so it's a good idea to boost its ATK before the Battle Phase) and you'll get a second attack so you can equip another card to it.
  • This card must be the only monster on your field to use its effect, but you can still have full Spell & Trap Card Zones, making "Mage Power" the best card to retrieve with the effects of this card and "Cube". Other cards that boost ATK such as "United We Stand" will get outclassed by the ATK gain given to Sigma by 2 or 3 "Mage Powers".
  • This card can also be used for speeding up the Summoning of "Vylon Omega", by fetching "Rod of Silence - Kay'est" so that you can immediately execute the "Vylon Element" loop during your Main Phase 2 (assuming you already have remaining materials in your hand).

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