• Use this card's effect to equip it with a Vylon monster, then you can send that card to the Graveyard to negate a monster card effect and equip it again on the following turn. Equip a Vylon Tuner (except "Vylon Cube") or Union monster to gain additional effects.
  • The easiest way to Synchro Summon this card is to Summon 1 non-Tuner "Vylon" monster, then equip 1 "Vylon" Equip Spell Card to it. Activate Vylon Element, then destroy that Equip Card to Special Summon a "Vylon" Tuner from your Deck. This will get you another Equip Card, which you can destroy to bring out another Tuner and Equip Spell. "Rod of Silence - Kay'est" is the best card to use for this, and will let you fill your field with Tuners that you can use towards Vylon Omega and or Xyz Summoning.
    • This can be more dangerous if you also managed to Tribute Summon "Archlord Kristya" using the remaining Tuners. Not only you can power-up your monsters, but also locking your opponent's Special Summons, making them even more harder to struggle.
    • If you Tribute "Vylon Tetra" to Summon Kristya, you can equip Tetra to Kristya afterwards, making it even harder to destroy. Furthermore, due to Archlord Kristya's effect, your opponent cannot use "Lava Golem" or "Volcanic Queen" for dispatching both Kristya and Omega, and also they cannot block attacks with "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" and "Battle Fader" either. If "Swift Scarecrow" or "Necro Gardna" are used instead, Omega can just negate them. This combination can make Vylon Omega virtually almost unstoppable.
      • Since most Vylons also composed of Fairy-type monster (excluding most Tuners and Unions), if you have 4 of them in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon Kristya instead of Tribute Summoning him, but keep in mind that you must Summon Kristya AFTER you Summon this card, otherwise Omega will be un-Summonable.
      • Be careful, though, while this tactic can be very effective against opponent, Kristya also render your "Vylon Element" useless.
  • Another way to Summon this card is to play "Variety Comes Out", targeting a weaker Synchro in order to get the required two Tuners on the field. If you use it on a Level 7 Synchro like "Vylon Sigma", you can summon two "Vylon Cube" and one "Vylon Sphere". Then, you simply have to Normal Summon a Level 4 Vylon.
  • You can use this card's second effect to prevent your opponent from using absorbing effects of Meklord monsters.
  • This card's 1st effect can instantly destroy any of the "Wicked Gods" and any Tribute Summoned "Egyptian Gods".
    • It is also effective against many decks that relying on Normal/Tribute Summoning, such as "Monarchs", "Steelswarms" and some of HERO Beat variants.
  • Utilize "Vylon Sphere" repeatedly with this card's effect to give near-perfect protection. "Vylon Filament" and "Vylon Segment" can protect this card against any Battle Phase-oriented cards and most Monster Effects (in Segment's case, allows Omega to sparing its Equip Cards for negating more troublesome effects). If your opponent mainly use Spell Cards such as "Forbidden Lance" , "Rod of Silence - Kay'est" can be used against that (albeit with high risk).

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