• Equip this card with "Reptilianne Rage". It will reach a bulky 2100 ATK. If it is Removed from the field by a card effect, the second effect of "Reptilianne Rage" will help protect your other monsters.
  • This card can increase your LIGHT monsters' ATK by a maximum of 1500, if all your Spell/Trap Card Zones are occupied with Equip Cards equipped to "Vylon Charger".
  • This card has the potential to make game-ending swings if equipped with the right cards. The best card to equip is "Mage Power". With 3, it will have 6400 ATK and will give your other LIGHT monsters 900 ATK, enough to OTK.
    • If you can, only equip "Vylon Charger" with Equip Cards, as it will increase the ATK of your other LIGHT monsters anyways. This is not recommended for a pure "Vylon" Deck, as you will render the effect of your other Vylons useless.

Traditional Format

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