• Return a face up "Call of the Haunted" to re-Set it to bring back another monster next turn.
    • Use this with tip with a "Fire King" monster hooked up to "Call of the Haunted" to gain advantage.
  • This card works extremely well with "Mind Control", "Enemy Controller", etc. Take control of an opponent's monster (preferably an Extra Deck monster or one with difficult Summoning requirements), use its effect (if possible), then return it - and another one of your opponent's monsters - with the effect of "Vulcan".
  • While "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" is face-up on the field, use the effect of this card to return the WIND monster and trigger the effect of the field to search another monster from your Deck.
  • Synchro Summon this card using "Junk Synchron" and a Level 3 non-Tuner monster, to return an important Level 1 or 2 monster to your hand which was brought back by the effect of "Junk Synchron" (e.g., "Effect Veiler" or "Maxx "C"").
    • "T.G. Warwolf" (and, to a lesser extent, "Mimimic" and "Spell Striker") can help this combo can be pulled off by Special Summoning itself from the hand, giving a Level 3 non-Tuner monster to work with.
  • Permanently banish your opponent's Normal Summoned monster due to "Future Visions".
  • Use this card to return a used "Fiendish Chain" back to your hand since often the latter becomes dead weight when its target is removed from the field without being destroyed.
  • A "Lava Golem" that was Summoned to your opponent's field can be returned to your hand, then Tribute two more of their monsters for its Special Summon.

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