• This card is useful as filler for players that quickly want to thin out their decks and/or have cards with a discard cost. Discarding "Volcanic Shell" for a card cost and then using its effect costs no card advantage, a mere 500 Life Points, and next turn its effect can be used again for a +1 advantage, in the process thinning the deck of two cards.
  • This card works well with "Snipe Hunter" and "The Transmigration Prophecy"; discard "Volcanic Shell" for the effect of "Snipe Hunter" and use its search effect to search out another "Volcanic Shell" and use "Sniper Hunter's" effect again. When the third "Volcanic Shell" is searched out and discarded, use "The Transmigration Prophecy" to return the first two to the deck and keep the loop going.
  • Use this card to pay the cost for "Card Trader", which effectively allows an extra draw every turn for 500 Life Points.

Traditional Format