• After using this card, summon a "White-Horned Dragon" to take advantage of all the spells that have been sent to your opponent's Graveyard.
  • Since this card causes you to lose field presence, it would work well with "Kaiser Colosseum" to prevent more monsters from being summoned by your opponent. For best results, chain this card with an already active "Kaiser Colosseum" to an opponent's card effect that would allow him/her to summon additional monsters (e.g., "Monster Reborn", "Backs to the Wall"), which would shut down the effect of your opponent's card, potentially cause your opponent to pay a heavy cost for activating their card, and mill your opponent of a few spell cards.
  • This card works best in any deck focused on Pendulum Summoning. At any turn where all your monsters survived your opponent's turn, you can use this card to tribute all 5 of them and greatly cripple your opponent's deck, then simply re-Summon them using the set scales. By using 2 of this card, you can eliminate all of your average opponent's spell cards.
  • Use this card as a counter to "Raigeki" or "Torrential Tribute", to make use of the monsters that were about to be destroyed.
  • Be extremely wary about using this card against Kaiju-focused decks, as your opponent could send 3 copies of Interrupted Kaiju Slumber to their graveyard to set up plays for later. In most cases it can be wiser to substitute this card for a Side Deck card against such opponents.
    • The same goes for Nekroz, Monarchs, or any deck running multiple copies of Galaxy Cyclone.

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