• Since the "Option Tokens" always have the same ATK and DEF as "Victory Viper XX03", "United We Stand" and "Mage Power" combos well with this card, as each token will gain the benefits. The tokens will always have at least 2800 or 2200 ATK.
  • The "Option Tokens" summoned by the "XX03" have no restrictions on what they can be tributed for, so they can be used for Tribute Summons, Fusion Summons (unless the Fusion Monster has strict summoning conditions), or Tribute fodder for other monsters' effect(s).
    • Assuming you have no other cards on the field except "Victory Viper XX03" and "United We Stand", This card's ATK will be 2000. After summoning one Option Token, both will have 2800 ATK. After two, all three monsters will have 3600 ATK. After three, all four monsters will have 4400 ATK. With the final Option Token summoned, all five monsters on your side of the field will have 5200 ATK each.
      • If you have 2 copies of "United We Stand", your "Victory Vipe"r will have 2800 ATK just by itself, with one token, they will each have 4400 ATK, with two it will be 6000, with three it will be 7600, and with the final one, it will be 9200. Now with 3 "United We Stands", "Victory" will have 3600 ATK, with one token it will be 6000, with two it will be 8400, with three it will be 10600, and with four it will be 13000. Adding 2 "Mage Powers" cards and "Luminous Spark", each of these values will get an additional 3500 ATK.
        • Once 3 Tokens are on the field, Tribute "Jigen Bakudan" to destroy them all and perform an OTK.
  • Use "Ojama Trio" to get easy targets for this card.
  • Combines the effect of this card with "Union Attack", to summon a powerful token, in addition, you can use "Destruct Potion" to destroy your monster if your opponent was going to destroy it with a card like "Mirror Force" to win a lot of LP.
  • You can use this card's effect to Special Summon Tokens and combine it with "Voltic Kong's" effect to mill cards in order to take out your opponent's deck.
  • You can combine this card with "Limiter Removal" and chain it with "Honest" and Summon a Token and attack possibly directly for a OTK if the monster's ATK is 1100 or more.
  • "Miracle Locus" works well with this card, giving it the ATK power to destroy 2 monsters. You can then Special Summon 2 Tokens unhindered by the damage restriction with 2200 ATK.

Traditional Format

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