Traditional Format

  • "Super Rejuvenation" will add 3 new cards to your hand during your End Phase after Tribute Summoning this card.
  • Due to their Swarm and Beatdown tactics, this card makes a powerful addition "Dragon Ruler" Decks. Not only can the "Adult Rulers" serve as the Tributes, but the attacks from your other monsters can damage your opponent to the point where this card's direct attack will fulfill its Win Condition.
    • If your opponent has 2400 or less LP, you can Special Summon "Elder Entity Norden" via "Instant Fusion" and use its effect to Summon a Level 3 Dragon Tuner from your Graveyard, before Synchro Summoning "Black Rose Dragon" and using its effect to nuke the field. Afterwards, you can Summon the Dragon Rulers with their effects, Tribute Summon this card with them, and attack directly with it.
  • If your opponent is using this card, and you are about to be attacked directly with 2400 or fewer Life Points left, then you can forfeit right before the attack lands, thereby losing only the Duel (which you would have lost anyway) and not the Match. Such tactics are technically not illegal, though in a tournament beware that it may be deemed "unsportsmanlike behavior" and frowned on by judges. (Ruling hassles like these were presumably among the factors that made this card Forbidden.)


  • At the cost of at least 2000 LP, "Star Blast" can decrease this card's Level to 4 or lower, allowing you to Summon it without Tributes. In that case, "Megamorph" will double its Original ATK to 4800.
  • In a Dragon Deck, the Flip effect of "Cyber Jar" can supply you with the necessary Tributes for this card.
  • Special Summon "Hardened Armed Dragon" through its own effect, then use "Inferno Reckless Summon" to Summon two more, then Tribute all three. This method requires that your opponent control a monster and you to have at least four cards in your hand (though one of them does not need to be specific). However, "Victory Dragon" will be protected from destruction effects, to which it would normally be very vulnerable.
  • Use "Painful Choice" selecting at least 4 Dragon-Type monsters (or "Future Fusion" revealing "Five-Headed Dragon" again) to get at least three Dragons in the Graveyard. Then use "Soul Charge" to bring the Dragons back and Tribute them. This setup only requires three cards in your hand, but you will not be able to attack this turn (leaving this card very vulnerable) and will lose 3000 Life Points.
    • If using this method, consider Tribute Setting this card to leave it less vulnerable with its 3000 DEF. You can Flip Summon it to attack next turn.


  • Use Burn cards to whittle away at your opponent's LP, so that you can fulfill this card's win condition with only one attack. This can be done in a "Red-Eyes" Deck, since one of their gimmicks is dealing Burn damage.

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