• Note that this card has no restrictions or drawbacks with its ability to attack directly, so take advantage of it to quickly whittle down your opponent's Life Points.

Traditional Format


 Japanese nameSecondary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Alexandrite DragonアレキサンドライドラゴンDragonLIGHT42000100
Ancient Elfエンシェント・エルフSpellcasterLIGHT414501200
Ancient Sorcerer古代魔導士SpellcasterDARK410001300
Aqua Madoorアクア・マドールSpellcasterWATER412002000
Axe Raiderアックス・レイダーWarriorEARTH417001150
B. Dragon Jungle King密林の黒竜王DragonEARTH621001800
Baby DragonベビードラゴンDragonWIND31200700
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