• This card works well with any Reptile-Type monsters in your Graveyard, even Reptile-type "Alien" monsters. For this reason, this card could potentially work just as well in an "Alien"-based Deck as well as a "Venom" Deck. It also works well with a "Reptilianne" Deck, or the more recent "Worm" Deck (especially due to "Worm Zero").
  • Use "Damage = Reptile" or "Damage Condenser" to quickly Summon "Vennominon" to later sacrifice for "Vennominaga".
  • To quickly Special Summon "Vennominaga", make sure you have "Vennominon" and a Set "Rise of the Snake Deity" on your side of the field. You can then use any number of destructive effects upon "Vennominon" to force the Summon of "Vennominaga". "Offering to the Snake Deity" is designed for this purpose and is therefore the most efficient card to use for this effect. Other cards that work are "Hammer Shot", "Tribute to the Doomed", "Offerings to the Doomed" or "Snipe Hunter".
  • "Final Attack Orders" forces all face-up monsters to go into Attack Position. This can help you put "Hyper-Venom Counter" more easily or simply allow you to finish off your opponent's Life Points. "Ojama Trio" can allow you easy access to the opponent's Life Points if used alongside "Final Attack Orders". You can use "Battle Mania" during your opponent's turn to force the "Ojama Tokens" to attack "Vennominaga".
  • Chain "Torrential Tribute" to the Summon of "Vennominaga", clearing the field and allowing "Vennominaga" to place its first Hyper-Venom Counter much more easily. Or, even better, chain "Torrential Tribute" to the Summoning of "Vennominon", which would destroy him, then activate "Rise of the Snake Deity" to Summon "Vennominaga", thus securing a clear field for her to attack and consequently place Hyper-Venom Counters.
  • Use "Limit Reverse" to Special Summon "Vennominon" from your Graveyard, then change it to Defense Position to destroy it, allowing you to easily Special Summon this card with "Rise of the Snake Deity".
  • Use "Viper's Rebirth" to Special Summon "Vennominon" from your Graveyard, then during your End Phase it will self-destruct, allowing you to easily Special Summon this card with "Rise of the Snake Deity".
  • Use "Des Feral Imp" to further power up "Vennominaga", and if your "Rise of the Snake Deity" is negated/destroyed you can still have another chance. It also helps if you are forced to discard "Vennominaga" or other key cards.
  • "Big Bang Shot" on another monster like "Red Dragon Archfiend" will keep your opponent from hiding behind Defense Position monsters since it won't affect "Vennominaga".
  • Because this card stays unaffected by all effects, you can use cards that would actually affect you and your monsters aswell like "Dark Hole", "Final Destiny" or "Jurrac Impact", "Volcanic Eruption" or "Jurrac Meteor" to destroy all monsters or even all cards on the field except "Vennominaga the deity of poisonous Snakes".
  • If playing a video game and going for an achievement for specifically winning with this card's condition, a major difficulty is that three attacks from this card will likely be enough to drop your opponent's LP to 0 on their own, voiding the achievement. You can use "Heroic Gift" to prevent this from happening.

To counter it

  • "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" is the single most devastating counter for this card. it can easily destroy this card by battle thanks to its second effect and its first effect prevents this card from reviving itself from the Graveyard.
  • While this card is unaffected by all card effects, it can be Tributed for "Lava Golem","Santa Claws" or "Volcanic Queen". Keep a "Mask of Restrict" handy to prevent this.
  • This card cannot be affected by card effects, but it is still dependent upon Reptiles being in the Graveyard to have any ATK and it can be destroyed by battle. Cards that boost ATK by an enormous amount, such as "Metalmorph" or "The Wicked Avatar" can allow the opponent to overwhelm it and any card effect that would banish Reptiles from the Graveyard is highly devastating to "Vennominaga". Such banish cards include "Fiend Comedian", "Big Burn", "Soul Release", "The Transmigration Prophecy" and most devastating, "Rainbow Neos". "Imperial Iron Wall" can prevent your Reptile-type monsters from being banished, although it makes your "Venominaga" vulnerable to be destroyed by battle, since you can't banish your monsters to revive her. Cards like "Red Screen" and "Swords of Revealing Light" can help with that.
  • Remember that "Zombie World" can be fatal for this card. All of your Reptiles in your Graveyard will become Zombies and the ATK of "Venominaga" will fall to 0. Any monster could destroy by battle and she wouldn't be able to resurrect. Keep some "Mystical Space Typhoons" or "Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spells" in your Deck to prevent this. The Flip Effect of "Worm Apocalypse" can also destroy Zombie World.
    • Attack with "Asura Priest" or any LIGHT monster with a similar effect like "Bujintei Susanowo" and discard "Honest". The monster can then destroy "Vennominaga" each time she returns until your opponent runs out of Reptiles.

Traditional Format

  • This card works well in a Reptile-based "Worm" deck, especially when "Future Fusion" is activated to Fusion Summon "Worm Zero", turning this card into a powerful beatstick.
  • By using "the Painful Choice" you can dump up to 4 "Reptile"-type monsters from your deck to give this card a boost of 2000 ATK.
  • Destroy "Vennominon, the King of poisonous Snakes" with "Ring of Destruction" to inflict your opponent possibly massive damage and then activate "Rise of the Snake Deity" to Special Summon "Vennominaga, the Deity of poisonous Snakes".
  • Summon a "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End" to clear field and hand and possibly increase this card's ATK further.