• While equipped to "Kunoichi", you can use "Creature Swap" to change control of your monster with a monster your opponent controls, then, inflict 1800 Damage to your opponent and make him/her discard 1 random card from his/her hand.
  • In a Dragon deck, use this card on "Five-Headed Dragon" before giving it to your opponent, heavily damaging your opponent. It'd be wise to do this during your Main Phase 2, after using "Dragon's Rage" with that Monster.
  • Recommended to use in an "Alien" deck. "Interdimensional Warp", "Brainwashing Beam" and "Mass Hypnosis" all work well. Simply attach "Vengeful Servant" to an opponent's monster once you have control of it. Once the monster has lost all its A-counters, the monster will revert back to your opponent. After the monster is on your opponent's side of the field, this card detonates. Use this card on your own monster for "Interdimensional Warp".
  • Use this card, "Giant Kozaky", "Kozaky" and "Shien's Spy". Either tribute "Kozaky" or ram him into "Giant Kozaky" after you give it to your opponent. This will deal him 5000 damage.
    • Or destroy it with "Ring of Destruction" and deal 7500 to your opponent and 2500 to yourself).
    • Alternatively, use "Creature Swap" and add in a monster you can Tribute Summon that has 3000 or more Attack. Tribute the newly gained monster and "Kozaky" to Summon your 3000 attacker, dealing 5000 damage to your opponent as this card and "Giant Kozaky's" effects activate, and deal the final blow with a direct attack. Ultimate Offering might be needed to pull this off.
  • Use this card to increase the damage done by "Ameba".