• This card may be useful in Exodia Decks as it can boost drawing power, especially if most of the other monsters in the Deck are DARK.
    • Additionally, it is useful to speed the summoning process of "Exodia Necross" as the Exodia cards can be sent to the Graveyard whilst additional cards are drawn for each.
    • If "the Forbidden One" cards are sent to the Graveyard with this card, they can be returned to the hand with "Backup Soldier" or to the Deck with "Pot of Avarice".
  • Combo "Veil of Darkness" with the Quick-Play Spell Card "Reload". If any DARK monsters are drawn with the effect of "Reload" during the Draw Phase, they can be sent to the Graveyard to draw an additional card each with the effect of "Veil of Darkness". Continue the process with newly drawn DARK monsters to keep drawing until no more DARK monsters are drawn.
  • This card can be awesome if used in a "Blackwing" Deck, since many "Blackwing" monsters can be retrieved from the Graveyard with certain effects.
  • This card is great for sending DARK monsters to the Graveyard for the costs of any of the Dark counterparts. It also can work well in a Zombie based deck, since the Zombies can then be revived to the field.
  • This card may be useful at "Infernity" Decks. With no cards in hand, a player can draw repeatedly until a non-DARK monster is picked up.
  • Consider using this card with the "Djinn of Rituals". These monsters are all DARK, so if a player can keep discarding them to fill the Graveyard, where they can then be used for Ritual Summoning.
  • "Shaddoll" monsters can benefit greatly from this card, as their effects activate when they are sent to the Graveyard by any card effect.

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