• Combo with "Dimension Explosion". Assuming your opponent controls no monsters, this has the potential for 7800 damage in 1 turn.
    • Also, use that card to avoid a negative card effect, and re-fuse afterwards.
  • Use 3 copies of "Cyber Network". It is the replacement for "Return from the Different Dimension". These will make your attempt at this card considerably more consistent. Having 2 copies out and a "Cyber Dragon" or "Cyber Dragon Core" each turn will give yourself a definite Summon of this card in one turn.
    • If your "Cyber Dragon" is out, fuse into Xyz first. Then fuse with the remaining piece for "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon". When your opponent has a banished monster, activate "Dimension Explosion" on "Fortress Dragon" to Summon "V-Tiger Jet" and "W-Wing Catapult" for the final combination.
    • "Dimension Explosion" will work on any Fusion, so "Instant Fusion" will come in handy. It will also allow yourself to Summon any combination of two monsters from your Banish Zone. Draw power will be vital to this Deck, so 3 "Cyber Valleys", 3 "Machine Duplications" and possibly "D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation" or "Different Dimension Encounter" should be added.
    • "Soul Release" will remain a vital card to banish both player's grave for successful use of "Dimension Explosion". Must have only 1 of each piece of the archetype in order to avoid drawing them. Having one in the hand is ok as the final piece can be Summoned.
    • "Cyber Repair Plant" can help return Extra Deck monsters or search for a missing piece.
    • "Magic Planter" will act as both draw power and set off "Cyber Network". This strategy will also net yourself cards for the Fusion's discard cost.
    • "Cyber Eltanin" will help banish pieces from the grave and banish the opponent's field presence.
    • "Gear Gigant X" will grab whatever Machine needed at the time.
  • This card can only banish 1 card your opponent controls per turn. If your opponent controls many cards, particularly face-downs in their Spell & Trap Zone, the effect of "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" may be used to destroy as many as possible before Summoning this card. The upside to this card though, is that it does not require a discard cost.
  • Combo with "Ojama Trio" to change their battle positions and attack them afterwards.


  • To help Summon this card in one turn, use a combination of "Fiend Comedian", "Beckoning Light" and "Ultimate Offering". Using "Fiend Comedian" in a "VWXYZ" Deck is excellent as both effects can work your way. However in this circumstance, there will be a need to use the negative effect of the card. When the call is wrong, send the "VWXYZ" pieces to the Graveyard. If there are more than five cards in your hand (and more than five LIGHT Attribute monsters in your Graveyard) activate "Beckoning Light" to discard your entire hand, and then select the "VWXYZ" pieces and any more monsters that you may have. Summon each Fusion carefully as there is no telling what your opponent has face-down, so it may be a good idea to Summon "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" first. When they are both Summoned, cause as much chaos as possible by using their effects, and then fuse them to Summon in one turn. One extra addition is to make sure that you have enough Life Points to Summon them all, as it should cost 2000 Life Points to play.
  • Summon this in a "Dragon Draw Exodia" Deck, using "Ultimate Offering" to Normal Summon every piece in one turn. Replace the "Exodia" pieces with 1 copy each of "VWXYZ".
  • Try using the "Mind Master" loop along with "Ultimate Offering".

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